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VidMarkr lets you save the most tasty morsels from videos and podcasts, no matter what you are doing.

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What is VidMarkr?

VidMarkr is a highlighter and annotator for your videos and podcasts.
It removes the pain of storing and retrieving the most useful chunks from audio and video.
Plus it integrates with the other services you use to manage your knowledge.

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Why do I need it?

Information-dense and educational content is pouring into podcast and video platforms.

Debates over the carbon-free transition, Python conferences, baking-chemistry tutorials, public health briefings and more: content that bridges the divide between personal and professional development.


Whether learning formally or informally, passive consumption of material is not effective for most people.
The active involvement of marking-up and note-taking helps you learn, recall, and retrieve what you've learned.

That's where VidMarkr helps. No matter what you're doing.

walk in the city

Long commute? Put it to good use.

Urban real-estate prices are only frothing up...which means more time on the bike/train/metro for most of us. Yay? Put some productivity back into that time with some Royal Society lectures en-route.
walk in the city

Make your workout work for you.

Not all of your workout needs AC/DC to power through the pain. Use that warm-up or stretching time to build your knowledge-base while you build your body.

How VidMarkr helps

Mark up those videos and podcasts
Marker + Annotator
Highlight the extracts of media most important to you
• Use Bluetooth peripherals to highlight when you need your hands free
• Add notes for more context
Find that reference you heard
VidMarks library
Tag and search your VidMarks
Sync between devices
Export/Import in human format
Link, share, publish, follow
Sharing and publishing tools
Link to VidMarks from other tools in your workflow
Share your VidMarks with others
Publish your VidMarks to a feed
Follow the feeds of others

Plus the usual features..


Dark theme, multiple layouts, adjustable fonts.

Device sync

VidMarkr auto-synchronizes between all your devices using Dropbox (real-time sync coming with Premium soon!).

Works offline

VidMarkr works offline on every device, and re-syncs automatically when you're online.


You can choose to encrypt your data on your own device, so no-one else can read it.

VidMarkr communicates with sync services directly from the client app, so your data doesn't even touch our servers, encrypted or not.

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